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  • UV reactive PolyPro tubing has a bright neon color during the day and pops brightly under blacklights!

  • Choose between 5/8" or 3/4" diameter

  • Choose between a PolyPro or PolyCarb connector: PolyPro is more rounded when you first receive the hoop, but is not very durable so it isn't recommended to collapse it and it will bend over time creating a tear-drop shaped hoop. PolyCarb is more rigid and will create a slight flat spot at first which will round out over time, PolyCarb is virtually indesctructible so you can collapse it without fear of breaking it! *Refer to the photo of the partially opened hoops for a comparison of the two materials

  • Includes a rivet on one side of the connector and push button on the other side for a smooth connection.

  • All sizes are collapsible, however it is not recommended to collapse 3/4" hoops under 30" once the hoop has been used to prevent cracking

  • All hoops come bare, you can choose to add a piece of sandpaper or roll of grip tape when you add this hoop to your cart

  • Click here to add a hoop bag to your order!




When you first receive your PolyPro hoop in the mail, it will be coiled down for shipping convenience. You should unbutton the clip immediately but do NOT force the hoop open. Lay it flat and give it some time to breathe and open by itself before you connect it into a full size hoop. This will protect your connector, extend the life of your PolyPro hoop and prevent possible damage! If you have ANY questions about opening your PolyPro hoop, please contact us before trying to uncoil it, as we are not responsible for hoops damaged AFTER delivery. If your box or hoop looks damaged UPON ARRIVAL from the postal carrier, just snap some photos of it and send it to us @ citivacreationz@gmail.com and we will get a new one sent out pronto at no cost to you!

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