Why are the prices different between the different sites? Does it matter where I order from?

Items are priced according to the fees that each site charges to sell on, and you will get the same thing no matter what site you order from!

Do you offer the inner connection upgrade for all of your hoops?

Currently we do not offer inner connections for melt hoops or for hoops over 37” in diameter.

Has my payment cleared?

You should receive a confirmation email for your purchase, if you don’t see it in your inbox please check your spam folder! You can also check your bank statement or paypal account to see if the charge appears...if the money was withdrawn, the order has gone through and payment has been received! If you sent an e-check through PayPal, it may take several days to process the payment and you’ll be notified by email once it goes through. Please be aware that items won’t be shipped until payment clears from your bank account or paypal account!

My order hasn’t shipped yet, can I still add something to it?

Sure! Just shoot us an email and we'll let you know how!

I asked you to change my address, why doesn’t the shipping email I got today doesn’t reflect that change?

Orders can't be changed in the system once they are placed, so they won’t update on the invoice or ship confirmation email. Rest assured, a note has been added to remind of the change!

Can I use more than one coupon code or use a coupon code on a sale item?

Only one coupon code per order. If more than one is used, you will need to pay the difference before your order is shipped out. Coupon codes cannot be used on sale items unless that is specified in the sale ad.

What is the pick-up discount? How do I place and purchase a pick-up order?

View the local pick-up listing to see current discounts! If you have questions or want to create something custom, let us know.  To place a pick-up order, please purchase the pick-up deposit listing, and then text Miss Jess at 816-916-1443 to set up a date and time to meet! You can pick up the order in Kansas City, or you can pick it up in any of the cities we will be traveling to (which can be viewed at ) The deposit listing is non-refundable once the order has been made. The remainder of your purchase total is paid at the time of pick-up and is cash only!

I need to order a new battery, how do I know what size I need?

Please read the battery you already have, it will either say 10440 (featherweight) or 14500 (normal). Featherweight is AAA sized and normal is AA sized.  Unless it’s an older hoop ( over an year ) all 5/8’s are featherweight.  ⅝ inner will NOT fit AA batteries, only AAA.  ⅝ outer will fit AA batteries but they will not work for the hoop. Must use AAA for ⅝

Can I order a battery elsewhere?

We recommend buying batteries through us because we have a reliable supplier who only buys from legitimate sources. A lot of batteries out there are knock offs and can potentially damage your hoop or cause injury...I've seen low quality batteries catch fire. If you are going to purchase from another seller, just be sure that they are TrustFire brand with PCB chips! You should never use a battery without a PCB chip for your own safety. If you are ever unsure, always check the flat, negative end of the battery to make sure its a gold color (this indicates the presence of a PCB chip!)


What are the color options for creating a custom melt LED?

You can choose up to five colors: Fuchsia, Coral, Peach, Yellow, Turquoise, Mint, Blue, UV Purple, Bright White, Warm White

Can I get an all UV purple hoop that will make my clothing glow?

Yes, we can do an all UV purple hoop with 18, 27 or 36 LEDs for maximum glow! The hoop will make anything UV reactive within 2-4 feet glow. Please note that UV LEDs take up more battery power than any other color, so the battery will only last 45 minutes to and hour on a single charge.

Can I get a melt hoop without the gaps or get a strobe hoop with sections like a melt hoop?

Sure! We can do a melt hoop with the LEDs spaced apart normally around the hoop like the strobe hoop design, or we can do the strobe LEDs in sections spaced apart like the melt hoop design!

Can I get combine solid LEDs with strobe LEDs in a custom hoop?

Unfortunately the strobes and ribbons cannot be mixed with the solids LEDs.

Can you make a hoop size not listed on the site?

You can request an in between/odd size (keep in mind certain size/tubing restrictions), if you wish to do this please leave a note at checkout with what size you’d prefer! (Ex. 33” in ¾” HDPE)

Are there any size/tubing restrictions?

Melt style hoops are not available in minis or sizes under 26”.

We do not make hoops in ⅝” over 32” (with the weight of the LEDs they are very floppy!)

Please note that hoops in ¾” tubing under 30” may not be fully collapsible.

38” hoops are not available in polypro and are only made with outer connections.

Can I get weight added to my hoop?

Of course! Just leave a note at checkout.

Can I substitute the charger that is supposed to come with my hoop for another battery?

Yes! Please include a note with your order, or if you’ve already placed your order send us a message so we can add a note to your order!

Can I customize a hoop bag?

You can choose to have the bag made in one single solid color, or two single solid colors (one on each side) or a print (print on one side and solid color on the other side.) The hoop bags are made of a stretchy lycra material (non-waterproof) and only come in one size (they will fit collapsed hoops up to 40” and/or minis up to 20”.) They cannot be made with pockets, but the straps can be made longer upon request (just leave a note at checkout!)




Can you ship with a different provider?

We normally only ship with USPS. If you have problems with USPS in your area, we can ship your items via UPS for an additional $5. UPS upgrade listing -:

Can you ship to a PO BOX?


Can my friend and I place our orders together to save on shipping?

You can certainly do that! As long as everything is purchased under one transaction and everything is going to the same address we can place both orders in one box to ship together. You can also view our coupon code section to save a little extra cash!

My tracking hasn’t updated, or it just says ‘Electronic Shipping Info Received.” What’s going on?!

Electronic Shipping Info Received just means we printed the label. We print the shipping labels a day or two in advance (remember each hoop is handmade to order so sometimes it takes a bit longer than expected to complete) so please give it 2-4 days to update. If it’s already past that timeframe,, you can call 1-800-ASK-USPS and they can give you more information!! Sometimes the postman doesn’t scan the package at every destination, and sometimes it doesn’t update until delivery. Rest assured, if your package gets lost we will make sure you get a replacement at no cost!


Can you change the value of my international shipment so I don’t have to pay taxes on it?

We cannot change/reduce the value amount of the package due to insurance and legal reasons. International packages may be subject to import fees, which are to be paid by the customer.

I want to place an order on the website, do I need to purchase a rush upgrade for each hoop I purchase?

Yes! A rush order must be purchased for each LED hoop or pair of minis that you want rushed. Rush is only paid for LED hoops...all other items will be automatically rushed if purchased along with an LED hoop!

I want to place an order on etsy and I need my hoop rushed, how do I pay for the fee?

You will have the option to upgrade your shipping method and purchase a rush upgrade at checkout! You can purchase just the rush upgrade along with standard shipping, or you can purchase the rush upgrade with express 1-2 day shipping!

I already placed an order on etsy and I want to pay extra for the rush upgrade.

If you’ve already placed an order and would like it sent with rush processing, please purchase $15 worth of the following shipping listings and include a note with your purchase stating that you previously ordered a hoop and would like it rushed!

I ordered the rush upgrade, when will my item be shipped?

Your item will be shipped within 48 hours. It will be shipped with USPS Priority service, which takes an additional 2-4 days to be delivered! Please note that Sundays and national holidays are not included in this time frame.

When will my order ship?

Please check under the ‘INFO’ tab and click on “Shipping Times & Policies”. You should be able to calculate the delivery date of your item by reading the turnaround times for what you ordered and adding that to your exact purchase date!  You will receive an email with tracking as soon as it has been shipped! Please keep  in mind that these are handmade items and delivery time will vary slightly depending on the number of orders that need to be made at the time. Your patience is greatly appreciated!




I’m not happy with my purchase, can I return it for a refund or exchange?

Any unused items in perfect new condition may be returned within 7 days of delivery date! This means that hoop tubing must not have any scratches, tape, dirt, etc. and clothing must be unworn and unwashed. Original shipping costs and rush upgrade fees are non-refundable. If you would prefer to exchange the item for something of equal value in the shop, you can do that as well! You are responsible for paying the shipping on the exchanged items.

I received my order, but you didn’t send everything I ordered/sent the wrong item(s).

I am so sorry for the mistake! If you have a printer handy that you can print off a label with, let us know and we will send you a prepaid label to return the item. You can schedule a pickup for free at so you don’t even have to leave your house to return it! As soon as we receive it, we will immediately have the correct one sent out along with a free gift.

I don’t think my battery or charger is working.

*Chargers will be replaced at no cost for first month, batteries will be replaced at no cost for first two weeks (after delivery date.)




Can I get my hoop resized?

Unfortunately at this time we are not offering re-sizing or re-tubing. Please LIKE and SUBSCRIBE to our Facebook page to be notified if this service becomes available again!

My hoop got wet, can it be fixed?

Unfortunately hoops with water damage cannot be fixed, and they are not covered by the warranty.

Can you replace an LED in my previously purchased LED hoop?

Only LEDs burned out in a hoop under warranty will be repaired.

Do you repair hoops from other companies?

Unfortunately, at this time we do not repair hoops from other companies. Please LIKE and SUBSCRIBE to our Facebook page to be notified if this service becomes available again!!