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Do you have an LED hoop that you never use because it's too heavy, or not the tubing you prefer? This is the perfect option for bringing that hoop back to life! Purchase this listing if you would like your old CitivaCreationz or MoodHoops LED hoop re-sized and put into brand new tubing. 

#1 - Connector Type/Brand: Please select the BRAND of hoop you have (either CitivaCreationz or MoodHoops) and then select the type of connector that you want your NEW hoop to have! So, if you have a CitivaCreationz hoop that CURRENTLY has an outer connection but you want it to be changed to an inner connection, you'll select the "INNER / CITIVA" option!
#2 - Tubing Preference: Please select the type of tubing that you want your NEW hoop to have! Please keep in mind that if your MoodHoop is in 3/4" tubing, it cannot be changed to 5/8"...you must select 3/4".


~After changing the tubing, your new hoop MAY REQUIRE A DIFFERENT BATTERY than your existing hoop! If your new hoop will be in 3/4" tubing it will require a 14500 'normal' sized lithium battery. If your new hoop will be in 5/8" tubing it will require a 10440 'featherweight' sized lithium battery. All batteries may be purchased in the shop and will ship free with your returned hoop!

~I ONLY WORK WITH CITIVACREATIONZ AND MOODHOOPS! I cannot work on any other brand, please do not ask! I have previously worked on almost every other brand, however most brands are not made durable enough to withstand the re-sizing process. 


~I CANNOT RE-SIZE A 3/4"+ hoop INTO 5/8" TUBING!

~I do NOT resize MELT hoops!

~MoodHoops will NOT honor their warranty on a hoop once I have altered it.

~When your hoop is re-sized, LEDs will be cut off the end. This will decrease the total number of LEDs by anywhere from 1 LED to 4 LEDs, depending on how much you are going down in size. Because of this, I may not be able to resize your hoop down to the exact size you request, but it will be within 1" diameter.

~You can choose to have your hoop re-sized with either an inner connection or an outer connection. See the photo to compare them!

~You will receive BRAND NEW TUBING and connector for your hoop!

~All metal pieces (rivets, springs, button clips, etc.) will be replaced with new ones to significantly improve function and extend the life of your hoop! 



(1) You will return your hoop to the address below. Please ship with USPS Priority service, you can print online and schedule a free pickup from your front door. You MUST retain the tracking number! 


CitivaCreationz Hoop Re-Sizing

11028 W 98th Street

Overland Park, KS 66214

(2) I will re-size your light rope according to your specifications. All metal and plastic connector pieces will be replaced with brand new ones to give your LED hoop extended life!

(3) I will finish your hoop within the STATED TIME ON THIS LISTING UNDER THE 'SHIPPING' TAB. This date is not from the DATE OF PURCHASE...it starts from the DATE I RECEIVE YOUR HOOP! Please do not message us asking when the hoop will be finished...I work on each one in the order it was received, and messaging will only further delay the process.

(4) I will ship your hoop back with USPS Priority Service, which takes 2-3 days. You'll get an email confirmation with tracking info as soon as it ships.

(5) You will receive your old friend back, looking like new again, and ready to play! 

If you need your hoop back sooner, you can pay the rush order fee which will pay me to work overtime at night to get your hoop done within 2 business days of me receiving the light rope. Please note that this service may not be available when I am out of town or vending an event!http://www.etsy.com/listing/101332106/rush-order

Questions? Feel free to message me! I know how much an old hoop can mean sentimentally, so I want you to feel confident in your decision!

What type of connector would you like for your NEW hoop?:
Would you like prefer clear/white tubing or iridescent opal tubing?:
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