HOOP ISN’T TURNING ON: Insert two regular FULLY CHARGED 1.7v alkaline/NiMh batteries at once into the hoop (use AAA size for 5/8" hoops and AA for 3/4" size hoops). NEVER insert two 3.7v lithium-ion hoop batteries at once, as this will overload the circuit and short out the LEDs. Do NOT force the hoop shut with the two AA/AAA batteries inside, just touch the ends together to complete the circuit. If the lights turn on that means the hoop works just fine and that you need to purchase a new battery! If it doesn’t turn on after several tries, it may need to be sent in for repair.

LEDs FLICKERING ON/OFF ON NEW HOOP: If you have a new hoop that is flickering, it is most likely because the battery is a bit smaller than the diameter of the tubing so it can sometimes move around during use causing flickering. If your hoop has an OUTER CONNECTION, you can use some gaffer grip tape or electrical tape to wrap around the battery so that it fits into the end of the tubing more securely. The battery should be snug enough to not fall out of the hoop. Another common problem is that you aren't charging the battery correctly...when you place the battery in the charger the light must turn red in order for it to properly charge. If it doesn't turn red, you need to wiggle the battery around in the charger until the charger light turns red!!

LEDs FLICKERING ON/OFF ON OLD HOOP: If you have an INNER CONNECTION HOOP, the first thing you should do is try to use sandpaper to sand the end of the metal button clip that touches the positive end of the battery. If it is dirty or corroded it won’t get good contact with the battery. If you have an OUTER connection hoop, you can try to stick a screwdriver or something down inside the hoop and scrape the button clip in an attempt to chip off any dirt or film. The most common problem with used hoops not working is a damaged battery, so it's recommended to purchase a new TrustFire “Protected” Lithium battery before sending in your hoop!

BATTERY NOT CHARGING/CHARGER LIGHT STAYS GREEN: This is the MOST COMMON problem customers experience, and luckily a very easy issue to fix! If your charger light stays green when you plug the battery in, that means your battery isn't charging and therefore it will NOT turn the hoop on! All you need to do is wiggle the battery around inside the charger until the light turns red. It will take a few hours to charge then your hoop will be ready to glow!

WARPED TUBING: When your hoop is new, the tubing is very stiff and will require some use before it becomes accustomed to it’s circular shape! If your hoop still is deformed, lay it flat in a sunny spot for 15-30 minutes and GENTLY bend the tubing into shape.

KINKED/BROKEN/MELTED TUBING: If your tubing is damaged, we can replace it for a fee

BATTERY STUCK IN TUBING: Simply squeeze the connector piece around the battery with your fingers until it falls out.

BUTTON CLIP PUSHED DOWN INTO TUBING: Stick a skinny screwdriver through the hole in the tubing to gently guide the metal button clip piece back up through the tubing until it snaps back into it’s hole. Be sure not to rotate the clip too much.

HOOP IS DIFFICULT TO OPEN/CLOSE: This is a common issue with new tubing and will get easier after several uses of wearing the tubing in. For older hoops, fix this by first cleaning the inside and outside of the connector with a bleach wipe. Once the tubing has dried, apply Vaseline onto the connector and work back and forth. Cleaning the hole where the metal button clip goes will help.

CHARGER LIGHT DOESN’T TURN ON: Plug into a different outlet. If it still doesn’t work, you’ll need to replace it.

PEELING/LEAKING BATTERY: Either of these is a sign of a damaged battery, you need to dispose of battery and replace

MORE THAN ONE LED BURNED OUT: This is usually a sign that the hoop has been misused in some way against the original instructions that were sent with the hoop and the instructions displayed on the connector piece of your hoop. Are you aware of the battery being left to die in the hoop? Or have you accidentally inserted two at once? Or, was the battery reversed in the hoop at any given time, even only for a minute? Have you let anyone borrow your hoop that could have done this at some point? If you are certain that you have not done any of these things, you are welcome to return the hoop to be looked at and diagnosed. If any of the things mentioned above have happened, then there will be black burn marks on the LEDs inside the hoop. This voids the warranty and repairs will have to be paid for. Please also note that once multiple LEDs have been burned out in this way, even though the other LEDs are not burned out they have still been damaged/compromised and may not last. If I do not find any evidence that the hoop has been misused, I will repair the hoop at no cost (if under warranty) and send it back to you.

RATTLING NOISE IN HOOP: Typically when there is a small rattle coming from inside the hoop, especially a newer hoop, this is due to a small piece of plastic that was knocked loose while drilling holes for button clip or rivet. This is not harmful in any way to the hoop and does not indicate any current or future problems. However, if there is a very loud/heavy rattle accompanied by an off-balanced hoop, this may indicate that one of the counterweights has broke loose from the light rope and is misplaced. You can hold your hoop up to a bright light and try to look for a misplaced counterweight. If you are certain this is the problem, please return the hoop for repair.